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Nov 21, 2012 9:00am PST
in gaza, president obama's top diplomat at the u.n. is facing angry politics in washington. susan rice, the president's u.n. ambassador and a leading candidate to replace clinton at the state department, has been subject to withering and sometimes outlandish attacks from a wide range of republicans. senators john mccain and lindsey graham, two foreign policy leaders have slammed rice for her initial comments about the source of the libya attacks with mccain threatening to filibuster if he's nominated. many other republicans have joined in. 97 members of the house sent the president a letter monday opposing rice. now president obama is not backing down. the white house has confirmed it's still considering promoting rice and last week the president said if mccain and graham want to go after someone, they should go after him. rice was not exactly a household name during obama's first term. but all this heat from the political players is drawing some media fire. "the new york times" maureen dowd has knocked rice as an unsavvy washington player. while the "times" editorial page came out wit
Nov 19, 2012 9:00am PST
on the u.n. and elsewhere and sort of stopping or advancing certain causes is important. i think the president is sending out a clear signal his second term, while he's done this year domestically at home said okay republicans you want to play, time to play, i think he's saying beginning to say internationally, okay, i'm ready to move on to the international stage and stay and do things heretofor have not done. and to allies, supporters, friends we're with you. but opponents and those kind of neutral like china where we don't have, you know, a real -- >> we have a difficult -- we have a complicated and difficult relationship. >> that we want to uncomplicate it a little bit and you need to know where we stand. >> nick, you are an expert in many things but also the china question on a number of levels is a complicated one. what do you think this trip does for the chinese, apart from the blustery quote i just read? is this an effective way of dealing with them in terms of asserting american power in a different part of the world? >> there is a competition for southeast asia, burma,
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2